9.00in x 0.98in x 11.02in
Wipe Clean Learning Books

Wipe Clean Workbook: Lowercase Alphabet (enclosed spiral binding)

Age Range: 3-6


This Lowercase Alphabet wipe-clean workbook is a revised and extended edition of Priddy’s successful Wipe Clean Workbook: Lowercase Alphabet, aimed at children ages 3-6.

It comes with a dry-wipe pen; tips for holding the pen correctly and good writing posture; a three-step system to help children recognize, trace, and write each letter; and lots of room for practice.

Illustrating the pages are colorful photographs and illustrations of things that begin with the letter, and there are fun activities so children can put to use their newly developed knowledge and fine-motor skills. Afterward, children can wipe the pages clean for when they are ready to try again.

A fantastic way to help children learn letter formation and develop their writing skills.

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