Craft activity – Jubilee bunting


  • Coloured paper – red, white and blue
  • Materials to decorate flags such as buttons, fabric, felt, glitter, gems
  • Glue stick
  • 1 roll of coloured ribbon

How to make it

  1. Cut several 30×15 cm rectangles out of the coloured paper. Fold them in half to make squares.
  2. Draw a triangle on each square to make a triangle flag, starting from the corners of the folded edge. Cut out the flags.
  3. Decorate the flags as you wish. Cut crowns out of glitter paper, or stick on coloured paper shapes to match your party theme.
  4. Open up the flags in a line. Place the long piece of ribbon across the folds. Glue the insides of the flags, fold over, then leave to dry. Hang up the bunting for a great party decoration!

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