Craft activity: Make a sheep money box


  • 1 large plastic drinks bottle, washed, with label removed
  • masking tape
  • ruler
  • 2 cardboard tubes
  • PVA glue
  • 1 sheet of black tissue paper, torn into small pieces
  • Black card
  • 2 stick-on eyes
  • 1 large bag of cotton wool balls

How to make it

  1. To make a money slot, draw a rectangle onto a piece of masking tape. Stick it on the centre of the drinks bottle, then ask an adult to cut out the shape. Remove the tape.
  2. For the legs, flatten the two cardboard tubes. Draw a diagonal line across each tube. Cut along the lines.Open up the four tube pieces. Put glue along the flat rims, then rest the bottle on the top. Leave to dry for 30 minutes.
  3. Apply glue to the legs and around their bases, then layer tissue paper pieces on top. Once dry, cover the front half of the bottle in the same way.
  4. Draw two ear shapes onto black card. Cut out, then make a small slit in each. Fold over the slit and glue the ears onto the sheep. Glue on the stick-on eyes and add cotton wool balls around the sheep, starting from behind the ears.
  5. When the glue is dry, your sheep bank is ready to fill with coins! To empty your sheep bank, ask an adult to cut a hole in the bottom of the bottle.

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