Craft Activity: make an Easter bunny


  • 1 thin strip of green card
  • Tape
  • 1 egg, inside removed
  • 1 sheet of white tissue paper, torn into small pieces
  • PVA glue
  • White card
  • Pink felt-tip pen
  • Black pen

How to make it

  1. Roll the strip of green card into a circle then tape to make a stand. Cover half the egg with glue, then layer with tissue paper pieces. Apply a final coat of glue and leave to dry in the stand, with the layered side on top.
  2. While the egg is drying, draw a set of ears and feet on white card, copying the ones in the picture. Cut out, then draw on the centre of the ears and paws using a pink felt-tip pen.
  3. Once the egg is dry, glue on the feet. Fold down the bottoms of the ears, then stick onto the top of the egg. Draw on a pink nose, two black eyes and a mouth to finish.

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