Adventures in Doodleland

Hi! I’m Doodle Monster, and I’ve been off in Doodleland having so much fun! You won’t believe the places I’ve been to and all things I’ve seen.

I’ve been snorkelling with penguins, on an undercover spy mission, exploring in the desert, on a rocket mission to outer space, sightseeing in New York, hot air ballooning and I’ve even come up with a crazy invention!

Kids can create their own doodle adventures in my very own books – Sticker Doodle Do and Sticker Doodle You where they can visit all the places I’ve been and have fun doodling! They can put faces on vegetables, turn blobs into monsters, draw some cool robots, doodle scarves on giraffes and so much more. There are over 200 stickers in each book to use, too! My super cool books come with an easy carry-handle so your kids can have doodling fun wherever they go! Let the doodle adventures commence!

P.S. Look out for me blogging again soon when I’ll update you on all my adventures!  I might visit an art gallery and maybe drop in on some dinosaurs. I’ve always wanted to try skiing to I might give that a go, too.

Happy doodling!

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