Meet Spencer and his Schoolies friends

Meet Spencer the owl and his Schoolies friends, stars of our new range of Schoolies books for preschoolers, by Ellen Crimi-Trent.

Spencer is the fastest owl at Angler Primary and just loves everything about going to school – from catching the school bus, to making friends to learning how to count, but his absolute favourite part of the day is story time with his teacher, Mrs Meow! Spencer looks forward to going to school every day and seeing all his friends, especially his best friend Hayden Hoot.

All the Schoolies enjoy lessons with their favourite teacher, Mrs Meow, and have lots of fun in art with Miss Ellie, but they all have one subject that they absolutely love – Lydia and Leeza the ladybird twins like music and drama, Wally Worm’s favourite part of the day is reading, Newman Beaker is really into science, Hayden Hoot is a maths whizz and Chip really, really loves to sing!

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