On the farm

Here at Priddy Books, we are always taking new photographs to keep our books looking fresh and exciting, so last week we spent a day at Belmont Children’s Farm getting up close to some of their friendly farm animals.

Not only did they have all the animals you’d expect to see on a farm, including some of the cutest chicks and lambs we’ve ever seen, they also had a variety of exotic animals, such as alpacas, storks and wallabies. We even got to feed them their lunch!

We spotted this friendly reindeer who came over to say hello!

Belmont Children’s Farm is a great place to visit with children and provides a wonderful learning experience. There are tractor rides and petting sessions, as well as lots of useful information and fun facts from the staff. Did you know a baby turkey is called a poult? We didn’t!

Look out for our new photographs in our upcoming farm books.

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