Pom-poms and sequins

Our job as graphic designers at Priddy Books not only involves creating beautiful books, but also contributing new ideas and developing exciting new formats.

We like to design books that inspire the minds of our little readers, whether it’s through photographs, bold colour palettes, illustrations, exciting fonts, unique formats, interesting novelties or touch-and-feel elements.

On a recent research trip, we had the opportunity to visit the tactile library of one of our printers – packed full of all the touch-and-feel elements you could possibly hope to include in a children’s book – to peruse their vast collection and source some interesting tactiles for upcoming titles.

Needless to say, we were very excited about having unrestricted access to hundreds of ribbons and sequins of various sizes, colours and shapes, and all of the bright, sparkly gems that we could ever dream of – just perfect for princess books! We also saw a variety of shoelaces, paper textures, pop-ups, glitter, bows, tassels, feathers, fake furs, zips and threads…and my absolute favourite of the day were these fluffy pom-poms.

It was very inspiring to see the vast spectrum of textures and finishes that are available to include in our future titles. It is now my personal mission for 2013 to get at least one fluffy pom-pom in a book, so watch this space!

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