Review: My Giant Fold-Out Book of Animals

Imagine a sturdy board book featuring vivid pictures that make animals come to life for your little one. This is exactly what My Giant Fold-Out Book of Animals offers.

The animal pictures are grouped according to type – Farm, Pets, Jungle, Sea and African animals. Every picture is clear and offers a simple label.

The book further features fold-out pages that display giant pictures of certain animals. My kids absolutely love lifting the pages to see what is hidden behind it. They are in awe when they see the giant animal pictures on the fold-out pages.

This book is a brilliant tool for teaching children the names of animals, the sounds animals make, as well as different types of animals. You can use this book across different ages as babies enjoy the bright pictures and toddles learn words with this book.

This is definitely one of my kids’ favourite books. They often choose My Giant Fold-out Book of Animals for reading time.

Review by Joanita, Johannesburg, South Africa
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