Review: Baby Basics My First Words

Another bright and vibrant book from Priddy aimed at children from birth upwards. Baby Basics My First Words takes the young through a myriad of new words they will be discovering in the world around them. The colourful backgrounds and bold photographs are very eye catching and are guaranteed to keep the attention of curious youngsters.

This book brings together such diverse subjects as the clothes we wear, mealtime words, pets, farm animals and toys that go. Things that I have never found pulled together into one book before. It leads the reader all the way from simple words to get to grips with the world around them all the way to learning to count, shapes and numbers.

Although my daughter is a little beyond the simple concepts at the start of the book she still enjoyed pointing everything out to me! She loves the pages about counting, shapes and numbers. Also the question prompts on each page (such as what shape is your window and which toy goes in the bath?) helped me to take her enjoyment to the next level and ensures that each time we look at the book it is slightly different. As Emma is now nearly 3 we are also using this format to get her to ask me questions about what she sees on the page. This makes her feel really grown up and she loves it.

Once again a fantastic book that can be enjoyed on many levels and one that is a firm favourite on our book shelf.

Review by Lynn, Tonbridge, UK
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