Review: Cheeky Monkey Cloth Book

We first encountered Priddy books when TigerLily was born. We were handed down Fuzzy Bee and Friends from my seven year old nephew, A.K. I instantly fell in love with the rhymes and the pop out, touch and feel features on each page. I ended up memorizing the book and would quote the rhymes every time we saw an insect from the book in our day to day life.  As she grew, I purchased Squishy Turtle and Friends and we fell in love with that book too.

So, when she received Cheeky Monkey and Friends in the mail, I immediately grew excited just looking at the cover.  TigerLily reached out for the package, recognizing the indistinguishable black and white border.  TigerLily really enjoys cloth books, the crinkly cover, the durable pages that she can play around with, chew on, or just smoosh, open and close again and again.  Cloth books are perfect for newborns  and up to twenty four months old.

Each page of Cheeky Monkey and Friends features a jungle friend, with a witty and quite cute rhyme that describes the animal.  TigerLily often nods her head to the rhythm  as I read, my little genius.  I guess it helps that I read the words in a sing- songy rhythm.  The colors are bold, darker than the predecessors.  One thing TigerLily missed in Cheeky Monkey and Friends were the unmistakeable touch and feel features that the other books possessed.  The first several times with the book, she would glide her hand across each page as if expecting something to grab, feel, crinkle, or flip.  I admit, I missed those options too in this version.

TigerLily is reading books on her own now, she points her tiny finger to the words and babbles to herself, which keeps her busy for an hour or so.  I love that she enjoys books, studies the pictures, and looks at the words and letters.  I’m also glad Priddy Books has awesome books to keep up with her, because wow, I am left amazed at how fast she is growing.

Review by Alpana, Georgia, USA
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