Review: Fairy Tales Sticker Activity Book

My daughter recently received this activity book and I can safely say we have been struggling to get her away from it ever since! It is a bright and colourful book cram-packed with activities, colouring in, stories and (my daughter’s favourite) stickers galore. It includes many of her favourite fairy tales and the variety of activities and bright illustrations keep her attention and capture her imagination for long periods of time.

My daughter is two and a half years old, so slightly younger than the 3+ years recommended, but I would say that, although there are one or two activities a little beyond her, she is the perfect age to have lots of fun with a book like this.

As a mum I think the activities are great for developing her hand/eye coordination and dexterity as well as helping her pen control, whilst she believes she is just having fun. We are going on holiday soon and I think that this book would be perfect for keeping children my daughter’s age amused on long journeys or on those inevitable rainy days.

All in all I cannot recommend this book highly enough as a well-thought-out, bright activity book guaranteed to capture the attention and imagination of little ones.

Review by Lynn, Tonbridge, UK
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