Review: First 100 Animals

First 100 Animals is the winner of the Gold Award Practical Preschool Awards 2007. The book contains all kinds of different types of animals, including pets, babies on the farm (my favourite), jungle (Tigger’s favourite), polar animals (Roo’s favourite) seas and oceans, and more.

The pages are sturdy cardboard so hard wearing and great for little fingers. Each page is eye catching and contains beautiful photos. The book is aimed at any age, for teaching those first words or explaining the different animals. Encouraging speaking and reading skills. Overall, it is a sturdy book packed with beautiful photographs which are eye catching for young children to look at, engaging them in the book.

Tigger loved looking at the array of colour’s throughout the book and giggled as I read out the names of the animals. I am sure as he grows and his speech develops this will be a book that we go back to read and look through time and time again.

This would make a great present, babies are so difficult to buy for so why not buy them a book that will grow with them.

Review by Sarah, Norfolk, UK
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