Review: First Time Storybooks


This set of books redefines easy readers… For any of you who have taught your kids to read, you know just how hard it is to find a book that your beginner reader can read with confidence… inevitably they are dead boring and repetitive. Well here is a whole set of beginner readers and there is nothing dull about them at all!!! My kids loved them. They are the stories of a young boy, his dog, Wallace, and his bear. My beginner reader loved them, he could read them to his younger siblings without too much trouble and they were indeed interesting with little twists and turns in the tale. He loved that the stories were taken from real life and that they were the true stories of a boy, his dog and his bear.

For my younger readers… Let me just say when it comes to selecting good books: Presentation is everything. And these books come in a pack, a little cardboard suitcase with a handle, and you open it up to discover a pile of fabulous cool book inside. The illustrations are bright and funky in true Priddy style, but it was the packaging and the fact that their was a very fun dog in all the stories that made these books an absolute hit with my little ones.

And here’s a run-down of the stories:

Gabe’s Busy Day: This is the story of the young boy, Gabe, and his busy first day at school… Initially Gabe is a little apprehensive, but he gets into it and his day gets busier and busier. Finally it is over and there is a wonderful reunion with his characterful dog, Wallace.

Wallace and the Dog Show: Wallace clearly needs a few behavior classes, and Gabe dutifully takes him along for lessons. They work hard and afterr a time little Gabe gets quite confident and enters the Summer Fair where Wallace performs some astounding tricks but not necessarily of the winning kind.

Wallace the Hungry Dog: More about the characterful dog Wallace, who loves doing everything with Gabe… but he is always hungry and in desperation Gabe feeds his dog until he is somewhat expanded!!! A trip to the vet and and some lifestyle changes returns poor Wallace to his usual size.

Boys on Safari: Typical little friends, they head off on a Safari to the park, they are looking for giraffes and they have – no luck!!! While they don’t manage giraffes they do manage a surprising rescue… before they head home to dream about more adventures.

Where’s Teddy?: The three best friends really do do everything together… suddenly they notice that Teddy isn’t around and a great search ensues. They search high and low but Teddy is nowhere to be found. And then Wallace is the hero of the day and there is a grand rescue and lots of joy and “living happily forever after.”

There you go – five sweet stories in a suitcase all packed and ready for your reading pleasure.

Review by se7en, Cape Town, South Africa
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