Review: Fruit Cake

A couple of days ago, the postie dropped off a lovely package containing our next lot of Priddy Books to review. As usual, this was a cause of great excitement here at The Madhouse!

First up was this great big board book called Fruit Cake, which 2-year-old Pierre instantly grabbed and started looking at.

He loved the big pictures and the bright colours and soon got to grips with the numerous flaps, sliding panels and pull-out tabs that transformed the pictures and had him mesmerised.

Even without understanding the words on the page, he loved the fact that – as if by magic – he could transform an orange into a pumpkin and back again, or blow out and relight the candles on the front cover!

6-year-old Juliette, who is starting to read by herself, loved trying to decipher the simple words on each page. But it wasn’t until 10-year-old Sophie got her hands on it that anyone started to understand the puns and clever wordplay on each page. The glossary at the end of the book explains the new vocabulary that kids may not know such as limelight, and the clever wordplay, such as pair/pear and mango/man go.

It’s great to find a kids’ board book that works on so many levels and appeals to such a broad spectrum of ages. But wordplay aside, it’s just a whole lot of fun!

Review by Cheryl, St Pol sur Mer, France
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