Review: At My House

At My House is a Lift-the Flap Shadow Book. It is aimed at children aged 1 year and over. Each page contains multi-coloured flaps which can be lifted open in different directions. At the top of every page there is a question, for example ‘What do you cuddle at night?’ Underneath, the flaps have shadow pictures for the child to choose the answer to the relevant question.

Some of the pictures on the flaps were basic objects, such as ‘cup’ and ‘chair’, which my 2 and a half year old son already knew and I feared that he may tire of the book, but the colours and figuring out which way to lift each flap kept him captivated. As we read on we came across words that he had not yet learnt such as ‘utensils’ and ‘saxophone’ which he quickly picked up and now knows each time we read. He will often choose this book and loves to show that he remembers these new words which I think gives him a great sense of achievement.

I found the bright colours on the front of the flaps a good tool to use whilst trying to encourage my son to learn his colours. On the back of each flap, printed in bold, is the name of each picture. For me, this will come in very useful when teaching him how to read.

The book indicates that it is good for learning first words, problem solving and hand-eye coordination, I think that it reaches each of these goals. With a hard cover and thick pages this book is resilient and can be kept in good condition, to be read time and time again.

Review by Naomi, Bletchley, UK
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