Review: Make and Do Craft

Priddy Books Make and Do Craft Book

A Make and Do Craft Book totally, totally packed with inspiring crafts for kids to with or without your help…

This book has clear instructions and the crafts are so enticing, and the photographs make it a visual invitation… even my non-readers were ready to just dive right in. The book is strong and the pages are made of wipe clean card. My little girls just were too excited for words, they had to get started right away!!!

Crafts include monster finger puppets, paper pets, snowflakes, party hats, treasure chest, birthday bunting, drums, noticeboards, and crazy can robots…


So my kids liked everything about this book, the fact that the crafts appeared to be so easy and they just looked like a giant invitation to jump in. While books are all about reading even my ‘not yet reading’ kids were able to follow the clear instructions. By far the best thing was that they really could manage most of the crafts themselves, with very little intervention!!! I liked that they were encouraged to try new things, I like that there are a lot of little windows in the book that teach new techniques. Best of all I liked that the projects were open-ended… they offer ideas but then say: ‘create away’.

Review by se7en, Cape Town, South Africa
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