Review: My Big Animal Book

My Big Animal Book is a large, bold board book with photographs of animals in all the major categories you can think of: Pets, On the Farm, At the Zoo, Baby Animals and Birds. The bright coloured backgrounds of each of the photographs make them very eye-catching and the sturdy nature means the book can be well-loved but still last!

Emma enjoyed Priddy’s First 100 Animals book when she was quite a bit younger, and this book looks set to become another favourite. It is well laid out with questions at the bottom of the page to encourage little ones to think about what they are looking at (e.g. On my back I carry a house. Who am I?) This is turn really helped me to take Emma’s enjoyment of board books such as these to the next level. She has even gone back to the First 100 Animals book and I come up with little clues for the animals here.

The book is simple in its nature and for that reason I think it can be enjoyed by very young children who are just learning the names of animals. The bright colours really stand out on the white background and I feel sure it would keep the attention of the very young. As the book is so sturdy I do think it would last until the children are a little older and can enjoy it on a different level (just as Emma does with her 2 animal books). They now sit side by side on our bookshelf and the only downside I can see is that when Emma wants to read one, she wants to read both! Fantastic, but just make sure you have enough time to sit down for a while!

Review by Lynn, Tonbridge, UK
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