Review: My Big Animal Book

My Big Animal Book is a board book aimed at the age group 0+.

It is filled with numerous photographs of all kinds of animals, which are categorised into baby animals, pets, birds, farm and zoo animals. All the photographs are clear and even the animals that toddlers might find intimidating like wolves and gorillas are portrayed in a friendly manner.

At the end of each page there is a question posed regarding the contents of the page which I found very useful as this prompted me to think of ways of adding information to the content and just not simply repeating the names of animals.

My 2 year old especially enjoyed the birds section; these pages are very colourful and illustrate the differences between the types of birds.

Both of us enjoy this book, and even though she could quickly name all the animals I try to make it a new learning experience for her by adding more information regarding each animal every time we read it. My little girl loves the Priddy Books logo and exclaims: “Tubby Toast!”  every time she sees it!

Review by Carika, Pretoria, South Africa
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