Review: My Big Farm Book

My Big Farm Book is a board book aimed at the very young 0+ years. It has plenty of brightly coloured photographs to stimulate and interest a child, encouraging them to develop recognition of the familiar things that you find on a farm.

I really enjoyed reading this book with my grandson, I like the way it introduces the animals and vehicles on the farm, also the way it teaches the child about the crops, fruit and food that a farm can produce and how they become the things  we eat  and drink regularly.

It also stimulates a child’s thinking as it asks questions about which birds fly? Which machine would you like to ride on? I’m a little baby goat, who am I? And which farm food is best? It like the way it helps the child to start to learn about colours, and all these things help to develop further a child’s vocabulary as you ask what sound does an animal make and ask them to repeat after you the name of the animal or machine you are looking at.

I know that My Big Farm Book will be a favourite for a long time to come because of the fun that can be had reading it.

Review by Reverend Sue, Luton, UK
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