Review: My Fold Out Floor Book Colours

priddy books my fold-out colours

priddy books my fold-out coloursA delightful squeal filled the room when I first introduced my 5 month old baby, Daniela to this colourful book. It was my 2 year old – Jessica who thought that mommy got her a new book. Both girls could not take their eyes and hands off this book.

This brightly coloured concertina-like book folds out and make an excellent ‘on the floor’ read. Although the pages are from a very thick cardboard, it is made from a very light material, making it easy for tiny hands to pick up and play with. Every page features a different colour and displays a bright, big picture with the name of the colour printed in bold, clear letters.

I found My Fold Out Colours to be a great tool to talk to my kids about different colours, as well as the pictures. The book covered all the primary colours, as well as black, purple, pink and even grey and gold (which I have never seen in any of the kids’ books or flashcards).

What I really enjoyed was the fact that this book kept both kids busy at the same time, giving me some time to do something else. Jessica took the lead in teaching Daniela all she knew about colours, pictures and how to fold and unfold the book. This is a brilliant book for babies and toddlers. I do however think that my little one will be able to enjoy the book more once she can sit all by herself. At this stage, it serves as a good tummy time activity.

Review by Joanita, Johannesburg, South Africa
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