Review: My Fold Out Numbers

When we first received My Fold Out Numbers, I thought that TigerLily would not be interested in numbers since she was only nine months old at the time. Yet, as time passes, I am delighted to discover that TigerLily is truly fascinated with the book. In the beginning, she was captured by the unique fold out feature. Now, months later she still loves to unfold and fold the book.

Each board book page features a number and shiny pictures of an object in the amount that is featured on the page. The pictures are not drawn, but photos of the actual object, toy, animal, etc. These pictures also grab TigerLily’s attention.  I find her staring at the pages and most recently pointing at certain objects.  She loves to point at the teddy bears since they resemble Sebastian, one of her favorite teddies given to her by my brother and nephew.

I waited and watched her with the book for a long time, several months. I found that at least once every few days she plays with the book for a half an hour or so. She folds and unfolds the pages. She stands the book upright, unknowingly creates different shapes, stopping to look at a page or two and even places other toys within the shapes.

We read the book together often and I count the objects with her, pointing to each of them as I count. She mimics me with her tiny finger, super adorable. Lately, she’s been pointing at everything. The pictures are bright, colorful,and shiny, which seem to be important. I am told by TigerLily’s aunt that shiny and sparkly are important features to a little kid. I think TigerLily is mesmerized by shiny an sparkly much to her aunt’s delight.

Once again, I am surprised.  Priddy Books do know children and what attracts them. I had my doubts when we first got the book, but I was more than happy to be proved wrong.

Review by Alpana, Georgia, USA
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