Review: My Giant Fold-out Book of Animals

My Giant Fold-out Book of Animals is a board book with lots of colourful photographs and fold-out pages that open out in different directions, this helps to develop hand-eye co-ordination in the younger ones. There is a question on each of the fold out pages that will encourage conversation and develop speaking skills, from first words for little ones to more in depth discussions for pre-school children. The photographs are very high quality pictures and cover topics like, on the farm, in Africa, pets at home, in the jungle, under the sea and baby animals. This book is suitable for 1+ years and above.

This is one of my grandson Jayden’s favourite books he is 3 and a half and I can guarantee that every time he comes round to my house he asks if we can read it together. Not only has he learned all the animals but we have deeper discussions about the animals skins and what they might be used for, where the animals live and also the noises they make. The headings for each page are written in brightly coloured letters and Jayden has been able to learn a lot of his colours as I ask him what the colours are.

Initially when I received this book to review I thought that Jayden was too old for it and thought that he might get bored with it but I was so wrong. As I said this is definitely his favourite book at the moment! I think it is definitely worth £7.99. I will recommend it to my friends and family and also give it as a gift to my nieces and nephews.

Review by Reverend Sue, Luton, UK
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