Review: Princess Stories Slipcase

An enchanting collection of three favourite princess stories: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.

The box set contains three beautifully illustrated hardback books that will enchant young children. Plus a specially recorded audio CD of each charming tale to listen to and read along to. The book is aimed at 3+yrs, foundation stage. Encouraging imagination and speaking skills.

I managed to look at the books and listen to the CD before Roo hijacked claimed the box set for herself. The pages in the books are beautifully illustrated and are bright and colourful. Whilst listening to the CD I loved that the narrator changed her voice to suit the different characters.

Roo loved being able to follow the story along in the book whilst listening to the CD. As Roo’s reading is coming along everyday, I feel this is a box set that is going to grow with her.

Review by Sarah, Norfolk, UK
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