Review: Read-along Bible Stories

Bible Stories is a hard back book with beautifully illustrated, brightly coloured embossed card pages aimed at the 3+ age range. In it there are seven well told classic stories from the Old and New Testament including the Christmas story (the birth of Jesus) and the Easter story (the death and resurrection of Jesus) as well as the Creation Story.

The book comes with a CD which can be played as the book is read, or it can be listened to on its own. The listener will be treated to well-told stories with very good sounds to enhance the enjoyment of the book and encourage the child to use their imagination as they listen!

The brightly coloured illustrations will undoubtedly draw children to want to read the book and the embossed pages will along with the sounds on the CD stimulate their senses and develop speaking skills as the stories are talked about. The stories are true interpretations of the stories written in the Bible.

I really like this book and will enjoy reading it to my grandchildren with and without the CD. I also am very impressed that as a child has it read to them or looks at it themselves it could encourage and stimulate the first stirrings of faith as they ask questions, and consider how the world came into being, what happened that first Christmas and why we celebrate Easter. I also like the fact that those with no faith background can still enjoy the well-told stories on CD or as the book is read to them in a non threatening way.

I will certainly buy this book to give as gifts to my friends and family as I think it is very reasonably priced and well worth the money, and the fact that the pages are sturdy will provide the child and storyteller with many, many, many hours of enjoyment! Well done Priddy for publishing such a lovely book. I will also recommend it to a lot of my friends and encourage them to buy it.

Review by Reverend Sue, Luton, UK
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