Review: Smart Kids Animal A-Z

This book is amazing! I’m not sure who was more enthralled me or my toddler! The mixture of favourite and more unusual animals make this far more interesting than your average ABC books – a sure-fire hit with its stunning photographs on large pages.

Any mini explorers will be fascinated by all the animal facts, making this such a worthwhile investment for your book shelf, it will take your children right from first words and sounds right through to school projects. It has an excellent two page glossary making it packed full of knowledge far beyond a-z, we love it and will be using this book ALOT!

After just a few reads my daughter already has a vast array of new animal names in her vocabulary and I’m now able to introduce some simple facts behind the animals, let’s face it mums and dads can you remember where a yak lives or how long a narwhal is?! An excellent book for any one to five year old, or 25 in my case!

Review by Gemma, Bristol, UK
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