Review: Smart Kids Sharks

Great was my daughter’s joy when she received Smart Kids Sharks. She has been obsessed about Sharks and sea creatures since our recent visit to the aquarium. This book provided us with excellent, close-up photos of the dangerous sea creatures as well as interesting facts to keep my toddler’s active mind curious. The usual – ‘Mommy what is this’ and ‘Dadda how does this work’ questions were asked throughout the book. Luckily for mom and dad, the answers were right there.

The book for kids of ages 3+ features vivid, close up pictures of 17 Sharks and Rays, as well as other dangerous sea creatures such as a Lion Fish, Porcupine Fish and the Blue Ringed Octopus. This is a large, hard cover book, printed on glossy paper.

Smart Kids Sharks starts of with a description of what a shark is. It also shows a 5 point danger rating on every page and a size comparison to an adult man so that you can imagine what size the shark is. There is a glossary at the back of the book, describing those difficult concepts – from what is ‘ampullae of lorenzi’ to ‘denticles.’

The wonderful photos were accompanied with descriptions and interesting facts about the different sea creatures. The book covered the most well-known sharks (such as the Great White and the Oceanic White Tip), but also had facts and photos on the lesser-known creatures such as the Wobbegong Shark.

Although this book is great for home work assignments, it probably will need more information for older kids who find these creatures fascinating or who would like to do a school project on these dangerous sea creatures.

Once again, I was not disappointed by this excellent publication from Priddy Books and would definitely recommend it.

Review by Joanita, Johannesburg, South Africa
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