Review: Treasure Hunt Counting Colours

My daughter has a new obsession… the Counting Colours book by Priddy. A lovely bright book (described as a treasure hunt) keeps her amused again and again. Each page focuses on one colour and has a multitude (55 to be exact) of objects in that colour to be found. A list of what you are looking for appears round the edge. Emma loves trying to locate everything as fast as she can and, with everything being in a very similar colour, it can be a little tricky!

The book represents a fantastic, fun way of ensuring children know their colours and helping them count. We have also started to use it to do some simple maths (e.g. I ask Emma to find all the animals on one page, then ask if there are 3 piglets and 10 elephants, how many animals are there altogether?) She also uses the large bold letters spelling out the colour on the page to practice her letters. As she already knows the colour she is looking at, she delights in being able to “read” the word.

Another great book that can be used on many levels. We are planning to take it on holiday with us this year in the hope that it may keep Emma amused on a long car journey… Evidence so far is that it could be indispensable!

Review by Lynn, Tonbridge, UK
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