Review: On The Farm

A Turn and Learn Book all about the farm, with chickens, cows, sheep and more. Questions prompt children to turn one of the two simple wheels until they find the photographic answer. It’s perfect for developing key first skills such as matching and hand-eye coordination.

What we think: This book is just awesome!! It’s fun for me as a mummy to watch my two boys with it. Although the baby is only 6 months old he enjoys sitting with his big brother and watching him. Kylan makes the animal noises and shows the baby the animals. He enjoys spinning the turn table so that the correct animals are with their correct friends. He also likes to make them odd sometimes too! Priced at £5.99 it is reasonably priced and worth it all for the giggles it gives for my boys.

We adore books in our house so these are fab additions to our book shelf.

Review by Hannah, Coventry, UK
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