Review: Wipe Clean Activity Flash Cards Animals

Our house is filled with flash cards – from Winnie the Pooh to ABC’s and 123’s. When my first child was born I bought every pack of flash cards I could find, as I have read that flash cards are a brilliant tool for stimulating right brain development. We have spent endless hours looking at these cards and playing with them. The one downfall of all these cards – I could never give it to my child to play with as none of these cards were made of a sturdy, child proof material. The discovery of the Priddy Books Wipe Clean Activity Flash Cards changed the way we use flash cards in our house.

The Wipe Clean Activity Flash Cards are made from sturdy cardboard and are covered with a glossy plastic so that any pen mark could just be wiped off. My 2 year old daughter can now keep herself busy with these cards without me worrying that she would bend or tear it.

The set of animal cards features 52 different animals, containing 26 cards printed on both sides. Below every picture is the name of the animal in black print as well as dotted print. The cards also come with a black marker so that little ones can practice their fine motor skills by writing over the dotted words. Another brilliant feature is that these cards are stored in a clear plastic wallet; so no more torn flash card boxes.

Apart from just using these cards like traditional flash cards, little ones can write on it and also use it to learn about different categories. Jessica spends hours sorting the animal pictures in different types of animals. She especially loves the cards with sea animals. On the first night after getting the cards, she went to bed with the shark picture. Other categories featured by these cards include farm animals, wild animals and pets to name a few. These cards are definitely a great investment as it will be used for many years – from young toddlers to pre-schoolers.

Review by Joanita, Johannesburg, South Africa
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