Review: Wipe Clean Activity Flash Cards Words

How the children have loved these flash cards! Sturdy, and of excellent size (other products generally small!!) with a fantastic range of pictures in this Words set. Anything that can be drawn or painted on is always a hit with toddlers and beyond. My daughter adores flashcards but can get easily bored with the usual picture type whereas she is more than happy to entertain me by describing every object, on both sides! A really nice mixture of items and the handy pouch to keep them in definitely gets my vote. Older children enjoy copying the letters which are spelt out in bold and handwriting guides, whereas the younger mark makers enjoying using the pen in a whole manner of ways, sure to lead onto some excellent phonic work and early writing practice. A definite hit for me as a parent and a child-minder, will be off to purchase the animal set too!

Review by Gemma, Bristol, UK
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