Review: Wipe Clean Pen Control

The first day my 3 year old daughter got Wipe Clean Pen Control, she sat down and systematically worked through every single page. She traced every line, every picture and every letter. She was so captivated by this book.

This sturdy, wipe clean board book comes with its own pen and is shaped so that it offers a ‘handle’ to carry the book. This is a brilliant tool to develop tracing and pen control skills. The book starts off with simple lines to trace – up, down, left, right, diagonal, etc. The book progresses in difficulty allowing the child to trace curves, zigzags, shapes, simple pictures until it ends with numbers and the alphabet. There are also fun games included – follow the caterpillar and help the racing cars get to the flags.

This book offers a supporting tool to what my daughter does at school. It also aids in training pencil grip, teaching to draw pictures and learning to write. I am sure to get the other books in this range.

Review by Joanita, Johannesburg, South Africa
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