1.00in x 1.00in x 1.00in
Carry Along Tab Books

My Carry-Along Book: My Busy Backpack

Age Range: 2-5


Busy Backpack is a exciting shaped board book from Priddy Books and a fantastic introduction to Kindergarten.

This amazing novelty board book has an eye-catching backpack shape with a carry-handle. Children will love to carry the book around the house or when they go out and about.

The story is set around a day in kindergarten and explores the different activities children do in a day there, from playing outside, having lunch to arts and crafts. There is lots for children to look for in every scene, with bright appealing illustrations throughout.

Each spread also has a fun shaped tab of different objects which children have to look for in the different scenes. This encourages early counting skills as well as problem solving.

It’s time to begin a new school day.
Get ready to learn, have fun, and play!

This book is also a great way to start introducing the idea of starting school or preschool to young children.

Publishing as part of the same series as Carry-along Tab Book: Easter Basket, Carry-along Tab Book: Trick-or-Treat Bag, and Carry-along Tab Book: Santa’s Sleigh.

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