Key Skills for Kids Summer

Children can build on the key skills they have learnt in reception and get ready for Year 1 with Key Skills for Kids: Summer by Priddy Books.

This 128-page paperback workbook is packed with different numeracy, literacy, crafts and puzzle activities to keep young children busy over the summer holiday. The difficulty level increases throughout the book making it suitable for a range of abilities. Children are encouraged to start at Level 1 during their first week of the summer holiday, then progress through one level per week. Each level includes a mix of reading, writing, maths, colouring, crafts and fun puzzle activities to keep them engaged with learning while away from school.

This book also includes a fun reading challenge that invites children to read one book per week and write about their favourite parts. At the back of the book, there is a fun full-colour, pull-out progress chart and stickers. As children complete each page, they are encouraged to add a sticker to the poster to see how far they’ve come!

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