8.15in x 0.70in x 8.26in
Board Book
Lift & Play

Lift and Play: Dragon’s Easter Hunt

Age Range: 1-3


Lift and Play: Dragon’s Easter Hunt is a fun-packed novelty book all about Easter but with a magical twist which toddlers will love. Instead of the Easter Bunny delivering eggs the Easter Dragon is stepping in!

With press-out eggs and hidden die-cuts under flaps on every page, kids can help Dragon deliver Easter eggs to all the creatures in the magical kingdom. The press-out pieces can be used and reused, and there is lots to spot on every page so the book is enjoyable to read and play with over and over again.

Featuring popular magical creatures such as mermaids, unicorns and fairies, this book is the perfect gift for children who love all things fantasy. With amusing text and hilarious illustrations, kids will love this unique Roger Priddy Easter-themed board book.

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