Santa’s Perfect Present

Santa’s Perfect Present by Priddy Books would delight any young child this festive season!

We all know Santa works very hard every year choosing the best presents for children all around the world, but can we choose the perfect gift for him? Would Santa like a cosy Christmas sweater, or a tasty hamper of treats?

Each hilarious spread features a different present suggestion and why it isn’t quite right for Santa:

Is Santa’s perfect present lots of tasty food to eat?
“Christmas cookies are my favourite, but the elves ate all my treats!”

At the end of the book, there is a sweet reveal that shows the true meaning of Christmas.

This board book has an eye catching design as each page is shaped like a present making it a fantastic gift purchase. The pages are also edged with red and green felt with extra die-cuts on every page. This adds a touch and feel texture to the images, perfect for little hands to explore.

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