8.25in x 8.27in x 0.85in
Board Book

Turn The Wheel: Odd Jobs

Mix & Match for hilarious results

Age Range: 0-4


Roger Priddy’s Turn the Wheel: Odd Jobs is a funny novelty board book for toddlers with a jobs theme and wheels to turn on every page.

Choose what outfit each character should wear for their job by turning the wheel for some hilarious results. Young children will enjoy finding the sailor’s hat, the judge’s wig, and the chef’s apron, or they can mix things up by choosing one of the other options—giving the sailor a clown wig, the judge a surgeon’s mask, or the chef a tennis skirt!

The quirky animal characters and playful text make this an enjoyable book to share, and it’s a great springboard for some real costume fun.

A follow-up to Fancy Pants!

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