A Big Day Out!

Today is a very exciting day for Little Puppy – he’s going on a trip to visit his Grandpa!

LF Big Adventure Spread 1


On the journey to Grandpa’s house, there is so much for Little Puppy to look for and listen to in this fun noisy board book which has ten different sounds. Driving past the busy farm, Little Puppy hears the cows mooing, and waves to his friend Little Lamb, who is ringing his bicycle bell. Down on the beach, the Little Friends are playing and splashing noisily in the sea!

LF Big Adventure Spread 3

Travelling on through the city, and finally arriving at Grandpa’s for a bedtime story, children will love to join Little Puppy and his mummy on their big day out, and will have fun pressing the buttons and listening to all the different sounds along the way.

LF Big Adventure Cover

There are many more Little Friends to meet in the other books in the series!

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