Animal Peekaboo!

I am red with lots of spots. Who am I?

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You’ll love sharing these interactive My First Peekaboo books with your child, finding out about animals, where they live, the noises they make and more!

Who Am I CoverWho's my Mum CoverMy First Peekaboo Where's My Home CoverMy First Peekaboo Who says roar Cover






Inside each of these bright and colourful board books are simple question clues to read together: I am under the sea shaped like a star. Who am I? I say “Neigh”! Who am I?

Alongside each question is a picture clue to look at, from a blue ocean scene to a meadow on a sunny day. By reading the clues and looking at the pictures, children can guess who each animal is – then have fun pulling back the big tabs and watching as the picture changes to reveal the answer!

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