Can You Match It?!

It’s a race against the clock to complete the matching games in this wipe-clean, activity-packed Match It! book!

WC Early Learning Fun Match-it! Cover

Inside are pages of matching pairs to find, starting with just two, and increasing in difficulty to 40 as the book progresses.There’s a number on every page showing how many pairs there are, ask your child to circle the matches when they find them!

WC Early Learning Fun Match-it! Spread 2

What makes the book even more fun, is the clock icon on every game – press your stop watch when your child starts, and write down how long they take to complete all the matches. Even better, as Match It! has wipe-clean pages, and comes with its own special pen, all the games can be wiped away and repeated over and over again, so you can see how much your child is growing in speed, accuracy and confidence.

Here are a few pages to have fun with – just select which game you want to play to open it up and hit print!

Find four matches

Find eight matches

Find ten matches

And of course, as well as being great fun, there’s a lot to learn in every game, including pen control skills, sorting, word/picture association and more. Why not let your child take the Match It! challenge!

WC Early Learning Fun Match-it! Spread 4

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