Christmas gift titles

Stuck for last minute ideas? You won’t be much longer with this great selection of books.

We’ve got some brilliant read-along books that are perfect gifts for little ones wanting to tackle longer stories. With magical Princess Stories or incredible Adventure Stories to choose from, each book comes with wonderful illustrations and a cd to listen to.

The books in our Treasure Hunt series are packed with colourful scenes full of lots of things to search for, sort and count. We’ve got one for boys and one for girls, or why not try our photographic Can you find me? for the ultimate treasure hunt?

For the next generation of X-factor finalists, First Songs Library combines our three favourite sing-along books in a bumper library. With nursery rhymes, sing-along songs and bedtime lullabies, the library contains the words to all the songs, illustrated with fun pictures, as well as a cd to sing along to.

The three titles in our Make and Do series are the ideal gift for kids that love to get a bit messy! Cook is packed with yummy treats to bake and share, Craft has lots of fab gift and making ideas and Science is brimming with experiments and activities to excite little scientists. These books will keep any kids busy over Christmas and well into the new year!

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