Dinky Doodles

Super Dinky Doodles Spread 3

Priddy Books - Doodle MonsterHi, I’m Doodle Monster, and you might know me from such sticker books as Sticker Doodle Do and Sticker Doodle You. Now, I’m back with a brand new range of Dinky Doodle Books!

Neon Dinky Doodles and Super Dinky Doodles are chunky, pocket-sized doodle books for doodling fun, anytime, anywhere!

Super Dinky Doodles Cover Neon dinky doodles cover

Packed with super-cool doodle starts to complete, both books have a mixture of illustrated and photographic designs to inspire kids to create their own unique artwork – they will add faces to giant peas, turn pencils into rockets, and even design a new outfit for me!

Neon dinky doodles spread 1 Neon dinky doodles spread 2

As well as totally amazing doodles, Neon Dinky Doodles has bright, bold neon colours on every page, and lots of neon stickers to place and Super Dinky Doodles has fun cut-out pages which when turned create different objects – on one page there’s a cloud, on the next a tree!

I think these Dinky Doodle Books are perfect for doodle adventures, I hope you do too. Happy doodling!

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