From carnivores to herbivores and giants of the land, skies and seas, dino-crazy kids will have hours of Jurassic fun with this awesome Dino Bites activity book.

Dino Bites Cover

Did you know that T.rex could eat up to 230kg of meat in one bite? Or that Diplodocus swallowed stones to help mash down food in its stomach because it couldn’t chew?There are these and other bite-sized fascinating facts for young dino fans to discover about their favourite dinosaurs, as well as a Fact File with essential details – including how to say their name, where and when they lived, and more – about each one.

Dino Bites Spread 3

There are not just facts to find out in Dino Bites – it’s packed with prehistoric things to do, too! There are pages of dinosaur colouring, a wordsearch, dinosaur maze, puzzles to complete using the stickers included, plus quizzes to have fun with. Best of all is the amazing, 28-piece, glow-in-the-dark skeleton which comes with the book – from the tip of the tail to its boney skull, kids will love putting together their very own glowing dinosaur friend!

Dino Bites Spread 2

Keep your dino fan busy with these fabulous activity sheets – just select each link to open, then hit print!

Amazing Dino Maze

Prehistoric Plain Colouring

Roaring Wordsearch

Allosaurus Colouring


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