Enjoy Early Learning with these New Titles!

Early learning should be fun and enjoyable for everyone!

Take a look at our two new titles, both of which have interactive elements that aim to encourage learning and promote development. 

Pull Tab Surprise: Little Cuties

Pull-tab Surprise: Little Cuties is a new novelty title. With Kawaii-style artwork and a pull-tab on every spread, this book is sure to appeal to any young child.

Little Cuties is available from 6 July 2021.

 Throughout the book the Little Cutie friends show you how to make different things – from a super-cool birthday party, a pretty garden and even a trip to the seaside! By pulling the shaped tab on each spread, children will be able to transform the scene into something amazing!

 As well as teaching kids about the world around them, there are simple word labels to help learn first words and improve speaking skills. Kids will love discovering new things with the Little Cuties!

Learn & Explore: Touch and Feel Colours

Touch and Feel Colours introduces young children to their first colours, using beautiful illustrations of everyday objects and touch-and-feel novelties to make the colours stand out on every spread.

The touch-and-feel element allows children to explore with their hands while they learn new words and colours.

Touch and Feel Colours is available from 6 July 2021.

With 14 pages of fun, the fluffy fur and soft tactiles make Touch and Feel Colours the perfect early learning book for children.

Have fun this summer with these fantastic early learning books!

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