Five years of Priddy Books in Iceland

With a population of just over 320 000 people, Iceland is one of the smallest and most unusual countries where our books are published. Nestled just outside the Arctic Circle, Iceland boasts everything from active volcanoes to glaciers, as well as its colourful capital city, Rekyavik – where thanks to our Icelandic printing partners, Unga Ástin Mín, any visitor will be able to find a Priddy book to buy!

priddy books first 100 words cover 

Our friends at Unga Ástin Mín are celebrating their 5th birthday this year. Since printing First 100 Animals (Fyrstu 100 dýrin) and First 100 Words (Fyrstu 100 orðin) in Icelandic in 2006, Sara and her team have gone on to publish 40 titles with us – from cloth books to wipe-clean books to board books, and even an ABC book adapted to the Icelandic alphabet, coming soon! This year we’re all really excited about the release of our Little Pocket Libraries onto the Icelandic market, too.

We would like to wish a very happy 5th birthday to Unga Ástin Mín from everyone at Priddy Books!

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