Follow Me

Trace your way through busy and colorful scenes in this brand-new interactive adventure!

1. Follow Me_Cover

Follow Me is a novelty board book that will encourage children to get hands-on and trace grooved maze trails with their fingers. The indented paths work their way through a fun farm, busy town, magical snowscape, and more!

2. Follow Me_Spread

There is also a lot to spot on every colorful page brimming with friendly animal characters to follow through the book. Our talented illustrator, Martina Hogan, has done a fantastic job!

Are you ready to follow Fox? Here’s a sneak peek!

3. Follow Me_Characters

Follow Me will be in the shops this month or click on the image to order online. Also out this September:

4. AP_Pip_Penguin 5. Out this month_Emergency 4. Out this month_Trucks




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