How do you Sticker Doodle Do?

Introducing two amazingly creative books which invite kids to turn blobs into monsters, fill jars with sweets, put scarves on giraffes and add themselves into their own doodle world!

Sticker Doodle Do and Sticker Doodle You use an innovative mix of photographic and illustrated doodle starts, combined with text prompts from the mischievous Doodle Monster, to set kids off on a doodling journey of imaginative fancy as they create their own unique artwork.

Each page has fantastically fun unfinished pictures for little ones to complete with the stickers provided or their own colouring pens. Sticker Doodle Do is packed with doodle fun to get creative with – from simple patterns to finish to kids to disguise, fingerprints to turn into animals to cupcakes to decorate with moustaches!

Inside Sticker Doodle You, kids are inspired to create a fantasy doodle world about their own lives. With Doodle Monster’s help, they’ll fill in photo frames with their best doodles, create a toast family, design an ultimate doodle machine, turn scribbles into their favourite people and more!

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