Let’s be… Pirates!

It’s time to set sail on the high seas on a quest for buried treasure with the Tiny Travelers!



Jack, Ella, Noah, Izzy, and their cat, Lucky, are playing pirates in their tree house when a mysterious parrot appears from nowhere, carrying an envelope. Inside, is a message from Captain James Jellyfish, recruiting the friends as his fearless crew to find buried treasure on Octopus Island before his old enemy One-Eyed Bill does!


Lets be pirates front


With a sprinkle of magic, the Tiny Travelers set off on their amazing adventure, and your own tiny traveler will love to join them in this fabulous, interactive Let’s be… Pirates book. Inside, they’ll discover a fold-out treasure map, flaps to lift that reveal hidden surprises, a turn-the-wheel telescope, and a fantastic pop-up pirate ship.

Tiny Travellers pop up visualWith Parrot Pete as their guide, and lots of clues to help them on their way, the Tiny Travelers complete their mission and find a chest full of gold and gems. A great book to inspire imagination and encourage creative play in all would-be adventurers, the only question is—where will the Tiny Travelers go next?

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