Let’s learn some everyday maths!

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With the help of Wallace the early learning dog, who is always on hand with helpful hints and tips, your child will soon learn about weight, length, simple fractions and much more by completing the fun activities and exercises in this fabulous Play and Learn with Wallace Everyday Maths activity book. As the book pages are wipe clean, and it comes with its own special, wipe-clean pen, all of the activities can be cleaned away and repeated, enabling children to practise their newly learned skills over and over again, boosting their confidence every time they do.

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Not only does Everyday Maths include a wipe-clean pen, it also comes with a very special and unique early learning ruler. As well as being printed with centimetre and inch measurements, it is also printed with both the lower and upper case alphabets in full, a great addition to anyone’s pencil case!

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Here are some activity sheets from Everyday Maths to help your child practise simple measuring, fractions and counting – just select each link to open them up, and hit print!

Is it long or short?

Let’s learn about halves

What can I buy?

Measuring at home

Everyday Maths is just one title in our Play and Learn with Wallace range of early learning books – why not take a look at the other books in the series?

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