Let’s Pretend!

Let's Pretend FirefighterLet's Pretend Animal Rescue









Little firefighters and budding vets will love to play let’s pretend for hours on end with these two
fun-packed sets!


Let's Pretend Animal Rescue Spread 1


It’s another busy day down at the Animal Rescue Centre! Vets Kat and Simon need to give a sick puppy an important operation, then Kat is called out to Buttercup Farm to tend to a poorly horse. Meanwhile, Centre volunteers Joey and Jill have a lovely job to do – they’re are getting two kittens ready to go to a new home!


Let's Pretend Firefighter Spread 1


The alarm bell goes off – time for firefighters Ben and Lucy to spring into action! From a hose to a ladder to a first aid kit, their fire engine is stocked with all the equipment they might need to tackle an emergency, as they race off to Tony’s Bakery, where there’s a fire to put out!

These creative play sets include a big board book with three busy vet or firefighter scenes full of things to look for and find. Each set also comes with 15 sturdy, cardboard puzzle pieces either to match the spaces on the book pages, or to use for fun, independent play.

There’s a Princess Party Set, Builder’s Tool Kit and Race Driver Set to collect in the same series, too!

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